I’m a mother, I work for an online poker site and I live by the sea in Kent.

I have two children; a  four year old son who likes Doctor Who, Star Wars and shooting ‘baddies’ with pretend laser guns, and an eleven year old daughter who’s the sensitive type, she  loves reading books, writing in her diary and visiting her dad who lives in London.

My bloke is a journalist who writes about poker, he’s an old fashioned sort of chap with ginger hair and a tendency to grumpiness – but only when the world isn’t perfect. We’re getting married next year and I’ve very much looking forward to that. It’s nice as it is, but the husband and wife bit is like the cherry on the top of a very good cake.

I like betting on horses, playing poker, and shopping on eBay for old stuff (or ‘tat’ as my boyfriend puts it.) I’m trying to write a screenplay and have another blog about all of that at http://www.thecatandthebee.com.

I hope you enjoy my random witterings about being a working mum, it’s fuelled by black coffee and written when I get the chance.


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